One of the practices of knowledge management, development and sustainable self-learning that is consistent with the requirements of the government excellence system and within the highest rates of efficiency and rationalization. It includes a summary in Arabic and English of the best specialized global references supported by the phonogram system. Best Practice consider as the exclusive agent for EDARA. Com in the United Arab Emirates.

The main services of electronic library

1. General Institutional Participation

Which includes subscribing to the public electronic library within the Edara.com website www.edara.com (the Arabic site) and https://bestbookbriefings.com (the English site), which includes summarizing about (10,000) copies of the best international books, publications and magazines in Various administrative, economic and developmental fields for more than (30) past years, in addition to the new publications that will be produced for one year from the date of subscription.

2. Specialist subscription

Establishing a special electronic library that includes a summary and translation of the best international references and publications in the field of specialization of institutions wishing to develop a specialized electronic library that includes foreign and international references and publications in the field of the institution’s work and which is considered a main reference for it in its field of work (such as: the private library that was developed for the benefit of the Ministry of Interior, the institution’s library Mohammed bin Rashid for knowledge and publications of the Hamdan bin Rashid Foundation for Educational Excellence).